Frequently Asked Question-FAQs

1. How to purchase our products?

You can always buy our products right here on our website. Please also follow us on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter to find out where you can purchase our products in person.

2. How do I make great salsa?

It is very easy with Riley’s Spice of Life Salsa mix.

  • Shake Salsa mix can well to re-mix the ingredients.
  • Simply add 1 scoop (included) of your favorite Riley’s Spice Salsa mix to 1 can (14.5oz) of petite diced or crushed tomatoes. (You can blend the tomatoes for a smoother salsa)
  • Let sit at least 5 minutes before serving, so flavors can mingle.

3. Why should I buy dried salsa mix?

Buying Riley’s Spice of Life dried Salsa seasoning, will cost only about half of what you’d pay for ready made jarred Salsa in a jar.
1 can makes almost 18 pints of salsa.
And, besides using it for Salsa, you can use our mixes as seasoning for lots of food. MSG, preservative and Gluten FREE

4. How long will your products stay fresh?

All of Riley’s Spice products are mixed fresh and not stored for months in a warehouse. So, we say our mixes are best within 1 year, but they will just offer less flavor after that.

5. How should I store your products?

All of Riley’s Spice products should be stored in a cool and dry place.
Our salsa mix cans have lids that pop off and on that seal the content.
The Chili seasoning bag has a seal strip, similar to a zip lock bag
The BBQ Rub bag rolls up and seals like a coffee bag

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