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Griller’s Garlic Rub

Excellent garlic flavor, Use on Chicken, Pork, Beer, and Potatoes to add great flavor!

Allow 30 minutes if you are marinating meat! Makes great garlic butter!

Kansas City Rub

Excellent on beef! May also be used on poultry, pork, seafood, and vegetables! If using as a dry marinade allow the meat to rest 30 minutes prior to grilling or baking.

Pineapple Espresso Rub

Excellent sweet pineapple flavor!
Adds great flavor to pork, chicken, beef and vegetables, and more…

BBQ Hickory Rub

Sweet, hickory smoke, Texas Style. Makes competition tasting ribs, chicken, and brisket! Great on pork chops and hamburgers! Adds great flavor to vegetables, baked potatoes, French fries, corn on the cobb, popcorn, and more!

Southwest BBQ Rub

Excellent, spicy flavor with a southwestern twist

Great on any meat or veggie!

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